A slow download speed can be one of the most frustrating things a computer user can experience, especially if you are trying to download something of importance. There are a number of steps that you can take to help you download faster.

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What is a Download Accelerator?

Do you know what a download accelerator is? Well it is actually exactly what is sounds like. It is a piece of software, also sometimes called a download manager that aides in downloading files from the internet by splitting a file into many segments and then using multiple connections to download those segments from a single server. 

Sometimes all of the connections cannot be utilized because some servers have a maximum amount of connections that can run at once. If you are experiencing a slow download speed because of inferior equipment or a slow connection, a download manager may help you.

There are actually a number of available download accelerators. Some have been known to contain adware and other programs you may not want on your computer, so be sure to investigate any programs in depth. 

Here are some that contain no known adware, malware, or spyware, but again be sure to do your own research before putting any of these programs on your computer;

  •     Download Express
  •     Download Studio
  •     DownThemAll
  •     GetRight
  •     Internet Download Accelerator
  •     Internet Download Manager
  •     KGet
  •     LeechGet
  •     MiniDM
  •     MLDonkey
  •     wxDownload Fast

So, if you think it sounds like a download accelerator might help you, then you may want to give some of these programs a more in depth look. Also, if anyone out there has any experience with these let us know how they have worked, and witch one you prefer.

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How to Increase Download Speed?

How to Increase Your Internet Speed

This is a very interesting article for sure. It is amazing how you can use the power of speed through so many different ways. I have not seen many articles on this and I think it would be great to have a way to increase my download speed. I would be more than happy to share this piece of information with more people who may be interested in this topic.

1. Internet Connection

If you are looking at how you can increase your download speed the first place you need to start is your internet connection. Your internet connection is going to be the number one factor of how fast you are able to download. 

Obviously, a dial-up connection is going to download at a much slower rate than a cable or DSL connection. You also want to make sure that you are getting what you are paying for as far as your internet connection is concerned. If you are paying for a plan that is supposed to be able to download at xxx kb/s then you need to make sure that your plan is performing at that rate, or pretty close to it. 

There are a couple of ways you can test this. The first would be to download a file and see what speed that file is being downloaded at. To do this it is better to pick a bigger file such as a role-playing game or something so that you can definitely see and record the download speed. 

Another way you can check your speed is to go to your favorite search engine and search for “speed test” or “broadband speed test”. This will run a test on your computer and give you a number of different results that you can use to see how fast your internet connection is performing.

2. Do One Thing at A Time

If you are going to be downloading a large file that could possibly take a while, the best time to do it is when you are planning on not doing anything else. 

In fact, if you could do it when you are not even going to be using your computer that would be ideal. The reason being is that the more programs your computer has running at once the more resources it is using. 

If your computer is using resources on running other programs then your download speed is most likely going to suffer, other programs being such things as games, music, even your web browser. 

The one thing you do not want to do if suffering from slow download speed is to try and download multiple things at one time, this will undoubtedly slow you down.

3. Try Different Times of Day

Another technique you might try in increasing your download speed is to test out different time throughout the day. If can find a time when most other people are not downloading, or even using the internet, that means you have more resources at your disposal. 

So, if you normally download in the evenings you might want to try the morning, or midday if you have the chance.

Figuring out how to increase your download speed is a mixture of different techniques that you need to test out before you have a clear answer on what works. 

If you have tried the things mentioned here, and you are still experience a slow download speed then your only option might be to upgrade your internet connection. 

Even though that sounds like a big step it could work out in your favor, if you have had the same plan for some time you could possibly end up paying the same or even less for a better, faster internet connection.

4. Increase Your Internet Speed

A slow internet speed can be extremely frustrating, especially if you are not getting what you are paying for, or your speed has suddenly slowed down. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make sure that you are not getting the short end of the stick.

One of the very first things you need to do is to find out exactly what you are paying for, because that in itself could be the problem. If you are paying for an inferior package then you may need to upgrade if you want things to speed up. Once you find out exactly what you are supposed to be getting you can go and check that to make sure that you are. 

There are numerous internet connection speed tests on the web, just use google to find one. You actually might want to try a few different ones just to make sure you are getting and accurate reading. 

Once you are pretty sure you have gotten the speed you are getting compare it to what you are paying for, if it is close then you know you are not getting ripped off, if not then you will want to check a few things and may need to call your internet service provider.

If your internet is running slow of what you are paying for, before calling you provider you may want to check a few things on your computer to make sure it is not something you have running that is causing the problem. 

The first thing is making sure you don’t have too many browser applications running, these can definitely slow down your internet speed. These are becoming very popular and it is not uncommon for people to have multiple ones running at once, so check that. 

Another thing you may want to do is check your computer for any unwanted software or virus that may be infecting it. Run an anti-virus software such as AVG, which you can get for free, and make sure there is nothing hiding on your computer that could be detrimental to it and your internet speed.

After doing these things you will want to check your speed again, if you are still not getting what you should be you may want to call your provider and talk with them. They will probably be able to help you troubleshoot the problem further. 

If you are getting the speed you are paying for and it is still not as fast as you would like, then you will want to look into upgrading your package. If you are on a dial up and switch to cable or DSL you will surely notice the difference.

Do you have any tips that you have used to increase your internet speed? Share with everyone by leaving a comment.

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